South Africa's Tribal Fusion, Gothic and Alternative Belly Dance Showcase

Tribalation '16 poster Tribal Fusion South Africa

This year's spectacular is on hiatus due to some tragic losses within the showcase family, but Tribalation will be returning to the Fringe at Joburg Theatre in 2018

Click here to see highlights of the Through a Glass Darkly Showcase Or to get a Tribalation Dancer application before the cut off date. Ticket Bookings open in May 18, but you are welcome to today.

Belly dance as you have never seen it before!

With influences spanning the global urban world- seamlessly blending traditional and modern, conservative and daring, the best of the old with the brightest of the new- come explore the innovative new face of an ancient art form. Tribal Fusion Belly Dance in South Africa is thriving, and Tribalation celebrates how far we've come

Rock meets Raqs in the hands of some of South Africa's most talented practitioners of this innovative, daring branch of the dance family.

Don't miss your chance to be part of this unique experience in 2018.

The Tribalation showcase aims to highlight the best of Tribal Fusion in South Africa, as well as celebrating ATS and ITS and Gothic belly dance in a nurturing community environment. Established in 2009 in a small basement theatre at one of our leading universities, this tribal fusion bellydance spectacular has been privileged to be hosted at the Joburg Theatre complex since 2013, bringing belly dance and the Tribal and ATS styles to a wider South African audience.

Click here for an in depth introduction to the Tribal Fusion Style [thanks and credit to kittykhol!] or keep reading for some extra information

Past Showcases:

Tribalation '15: Soul of the Shadow

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Tribalation '14: Through a Glass... Darkly

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2013: African Revolution

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2012: Perpetual Motion

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2011: Through the Mind's Eye

DVDs and Photos from 'Through the Mind's Eye' are available

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2010: Landscapes of the Imagination

DVDs and Photos from 'Landscapes of the Imagination' are available

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Tribalation '09: The Journey Begins

DVDs and Photos from the very first showcase are available

What on earth is 'Tribal style' Belly dance?

The broad 'Tribal' catagory of belly dance evolved in the U.S.A in the early 1980's, influenced by Middle Eastern dance but reworked through the eyes and sensibilities of Western artists. Tribal style is not related to any specific 'tribe' but instead pays homage to the multicultural influences that helped shape Western bellydance, and blends this diverse mix [from a fusion of ancient dance techniques to modern cross-overs into ballet, jazz, and dance theatre with a blending of classical ethnic styles throughout the world] into one cohesive artform that is forever evolving and pushing the boundaries of modern belly dance.

Dark Harem Tribe perform Tribal Bellydance

The roots of tribal can be found in the ATS [American Tribal Style] method, pioneered and developed by Caroleena and Fat Chance Bellydance with strong influences from Jamila Salimpour and earlier artists. ATS remains today the only belly dance format with a formal and stylised movement vocabulary, and dancers perform improvisational works only, fed by cues from a strong dance leader. These non-coreographed group numbers can be amazing to watch! Tribal Fusion evolved from this disciplined rooting, bringing back the solo and choreographic elements missing in the pioneer style, and opening up new avenues of dance exploration.

Click here for a simple, in depth introduction to the Tribal Fusion Style [thanks and credit to kittykhol]

Want to book a Tribal Fusion or Gothic Bellydance Performance?

In Harem's Way is proud to present its tribal fusion arm, I.H.W Fusion.I.H.W is one of the first dance companies in South Africa to offer performances in the new and revolutionary Tribal Fusion bellydance styles. Already,they have performed at prestigious venues and events across the country, and alongside top-calibre international performers, acheiving praise and recognition for their fresh and innovative approach and technical mastery. If you are looking for a trendy, edgy and different take on bellydance, I.H.W Fusion has what you need.

Assimilating influences from television, fashion and cinema, the trends of hip hop, underground and rock music and modern urban life, the edgy, innovative styles of belly dance falling under the 'tribal' category ;are fast gaining popularity worldwide. We at 'In Harem's Way' are proud to bring you our very own tribal fusion style, performed with the same passion and grace- and the same unique 'In Harem's Way' touch- as our more traditional styles, and, as ever, we pay proud homage to our own South African roots.

Tribal fusion performance at TribalationThis innovative approach mixes the traditional, beat driven rythms of the Middle East and Africa with funk-fusion pop, rock and house beats, mixing all the best of classical bellydance with influences from around the globe- seamlessly blending traditional and modern, conservative and daring, the best of the old with the brightest of the new. Click here to see a trio Tribal Fusion performance from IHW.

So if you are an event promoter, club or venue owner or party planner who would love to present a belly dance performance, but have never been able to incorporate the classical styles, or if you are just looking for something different for your next social gathering, why not consider booking an Tribal Fusion performance with In Harem's Way'