i Where to see Amira S'iddiqah, In Harem's Way Bellydance and Dark Harem Tribe

See us live:

Most of IHW's performances are given for private or company functions, and are not open to the public. However, we also often dance at open-to-all events, festivals and belly dance showcases. When we do dance somewhere you can watch us, we will be sure to mention it . Be sure to check out our Facebook page for events open to all.

You can also email us at to find out where we will be next. See you there!

Social Networking:

Feel free to become a facebook or twitter fan, or simply browse our pages there to see what is going on:

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Dalidah performing

Photo Galleries:

Photo galleries of Amira and IHW. Click below to view:

- IHW Bellydance and Tribal Fusion in South Africa.

See IHW in recorded performance

Tarryn performing Caberet bellydance in South Africa

CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: I.H.W performs two distinct styles of bellydance: the 'Classic' style and Tribal Fusion. Videos of both styles are included on our youtube channel. Our Tribal Fusion pieces are all labelled [Tribal Fusion] after the title, and they are seperated by style below. Please be sure to watch the videos of the style which interests you for your booking and not get them mixed up! If you are confused or have any queries, feel free to mail us on and we will be happy to suggest what would interest you most.

Click on the links below to see some promotional footage of In Harem's Way in action.

Classic Belly dance performances:

- In Harem's Way: Promo Reel. A short collection of some of our performers live.

- In Harem's Way: Tropical Birdcall. A group Isis Wings choreography.

- In Harem's Way: Sword. A montage of a trio sword performance.

- Amira: Solo. A light-hearted belly dance performance.

- Amira: African Fusion Solo. An African fusion performance by Amira.

- Amira: Drum Solo. Amira performing a classic drum solo.

Tribal Fusion, Urban Fusion or Gothic performances:

- In Harem's Way: Elemental Passion Play. A trio Tribal Fusion performance.

- Amira: Urban Fusion. A unique hip hop/tribal fusion crossover solo.

- Amira: Catlady. Amira's first tribal fusion crossover solo after recovery from serious surgery.

Amira Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Dark Harem Project: Tribal Fusion, Urban Fusion or Gothic performances from our semi-pro arm:

Please note that NOT all these dancers are professional performers

- Dark Harem: Drive it like you stole it. A Tribal Fusion quartet with swords.

- Dark Harem: Roustabout. A Tribal Fusion quartet.


- Interview with Amira. A short interview with Amira after the 2nd Asmahhan festival.