Below, find descriptions of some of the multitude of props I.H.W dancers are skilled in; to assist you in visualising your ideal performance or determining your venue's limitations

Traditional belly dance performance in Joburg


Wrap your audience in Middle Eastern mystique as colourful fabric swirls and loops in the hands of skilled professionals.

Fan Veil

The innovative Fan-Veil offers a catchy fusion twist to ensnare your audience's mind.

Fan Veil Belly Dance Performance


The feather fan adds a little Latin spice and flair to any Middle Eastern Dance performance. Dazzle your audience with the swoops, dives and flutters of an inspired fan performance

Amira bellydancing with fans

Fire Fans

Wings of Isis

The fantastic wings of Isis evoke the image of this goddess herself in this spectacular pharonic display, making a breath-taking addition to any performance. Wings are impossible to use in venues with low ceilings or close circumstances, and they are dancer specific.

Zenobia with Isis Wings

Amira with Isis Wings

Molara with Isis Wings

Click to see this prop in action in a group Isis Wings choreography on our YouTube Channel.


A glittering performance with fire sticks and candles makes for a show-stopping entrance. It is unsuitable for a venue with very low ceilings or hanging drapes, however.

Molara with fire sticks

IHW also offers a range of spectacular speciality apparatus for fire, including the fire staff, fire arcs, fire gloves,and fire hoop. Don't miss out on a chance to include these unique apparatus in your performance today! All IHW Dancers are skilled in the use of standard fire sticks. The use of fire stave, fire hoop, fire gloves, fire dish or fire arcs [and the blowing of fire ], however, depends on the individual performer, so book early to ensure the dancer is available if you specifically want one of these speciality apparatus

Fire Staff


Zuri performing tribal fusion with sword

Thrill your audience with a display of precision balancing and dazzling dancing with the sword.

We pride ourselves on our unique sword style. Blending elements of capoeira dance-fighting and the oriental knife arts with traditional sword dancing techniques and the latest modern innovations, IHW's sword presentations pay homage to the martial origin of the sword without losing the unique grace and sensuality of the Middle Eastern sword routines- forming a beguiling urban fusion that cannot be missed.

The sword is not well suited to very small venues or exceptionally close circumstances. Sword-work is dancer specific

Click to see this prop in action as a montage of a trio sword performance on our YouTube Channel.

Zuri with Shamadan


A zeffa procession with the shamadan candalabra balanced on the dancer's head has become a traditional feature of the Middle Eastern wedding celebration.


The traditional cane makes for an earthy and impressive addition. The cane cannot be used in very small venues or close circumstances. In Harem's Way use both the light caberet cane and the 'heavier' balancing cane.

Tribal Style Bellydance with Zills


Let 'fingers of flame' dazzle your audience's ears in a solo or group performance including these traditional Middle Eastern musical instruments.